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  • Anuska Roy & Kabeer Jodhani

How to Get 10x Growth on Amazon

A good marketplace strategy derives its success from some integral features that help it stand out from the rest. Getting into a marketplace sales technique entails delving into selling products via a third party who is incharge of the delivery and other logistics attached to it. The customer hence receives the packaging with the name and branding of the third party seller. Amazon has a similar setup for marketplace where third party sellers use this platform to market their own products and increase sales. There are some techniques and strategies that can improve the marketplace functionality for any business.

Some integral strategies used to implement higher sales on Amazon

marketplace relate to creating personalised techniques for each brand. Every business has unique USPs. An effective strategy focuses on these USPs to customise a sales strategy for higher outreach. With an effective focus on creating a personalised outlook to selling the product, the marketplace becomes a profitable platform for businesses to thrive in. Some essential strategies to follow are:

  1. Creating product descriptions that act as an important selling point for customers

Amazon focuses on showing customers the relevant products that fit their filters or search results. Having products enhanced with specifications and details increases the chances of the product showing up on the top 10 searches on the platform.

  1. Follow Amazon’s regulations for selling products

Amazon is known for holding customer satisfaction at a high value. Hence, the products that adhere to rules in terms of counterfeit, product policies and so on have a higher chance of getting more traction than others.

  1. Switch to Fulfillment by Amazon

A switch to Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) is an essential move that helps sellers increase their outreach. FBA refers to the process by which Amazon itself takes care of all the logistical aspects of delivery, refund or return. Moreover, the products that are to be sold are readily placed in the Amazon warehouse and ready to be shipped when a purchase is made. This helps businesses save up on time and effort while also boosting their sales.

  1. Conduct research on pricing tools

Amazon is known for providing customers with authentic deals and discounts. Hence, a business with a more attractive price is rated to have higher sales than others. Using pricing tools to add justified price cuts on the product will help businesses profit from the marketplace.

  1. Focus on the visual aspect of the product

Visuals have had long-lasting effects on what a customer thinks about a particular product. Despite a detailed description and focus on specifications, a product may fail to perform in the marketplace due to a lack of conspicuous images. Using images which are able to grab the customer’s attention is an essential aspect of performing well on Amazon marketplace.

Proper utilisation of these strategies has helped us attain a higher return on our sales strategies. We have made great strides in marketplace management and have seen great results over time. Our clientele has evolved and inversely, so have our services. We service various industries such as clothing, energy equipment, pet food, a publishing house, and the health industry. We have not only improved the sales of our clientele but have also made significant contributions to improve their product and brand image.

For example, a particular client we on-boarded this client showed low numbers on Amazon. However, the business had incredible potential. We believed in the product and also made customers believe in the product. A direct result of this was recorded when the numbers started growing. Our marketing techniques and strategies are customized according to the needs of our clients.

The annual sales the year before we collaborated with the client was Rs.49,9200, with an average monthly sale of Rs.4160. However, now the monthly sales easily surpasses the annual sales of the last year which is a huge change. We made one of the products which was ranked 3190, up to 3 upon on-boarding. Converting potential into results is what we do and we’re amazing at what we do. With effective marketplace strategies and talented hands on board, our techniques achieve higher results than ever. With Amazon marketplace you can make your business boom and we can help you understand how.

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